Systems Furniture Services

Systems Furniture Services

Systems Furniture Services | Votum Enterprises, LLC - Richmond, VA

Knowledge and experience in systems and modular furniture is critical in any office environment. Votum’s staff is well-versed in all major office furniture systems like Herman Miller, Steelcase, KI, Haworth, Kimball, Teknion, All Steel, and Hon.
• Day-to-day furniture service needs
• Project oriented requirements
• Cooperative Contracting and Subcontracting
• Disassembly & Decommission of Furniture, Supplies and Equipment
• Annual service contracts for service, maintenance and upgrades

We see all office furniture is an asset that should be treated properly and professionally. That’s why a complete dedication to getting your installation, reconfiguration and relocation done correctly is standard. Careful pre-planning and project implementation are what we do best!

Appearance, functionality and monetary worth are all very important aspects of any installation, reconfiguration or relocation. Allow us to showcase our specialization in handling new, remanufactured or used office furniture systems. Our move management experience assists all types of government, corporate and other commercial office furniture end-users in managing their complete office furniture inventory from point-to-point. It’s part of the complete turn-key services we offer!

Trained installation technician who love what they do means they will do a better job. Moving trucks large and capable enough to safely transport your goods, equipment suitable for each task and the experience to get it done the first time! Oh yes! We can do it all! So whether you are planning to develop a new space, increasing or decreasing the size of the existing space one or simply interested in determining the best alternative Votum has the skilled installation, reconfiguration and relocation teams to help create the ideal office environment.

Design Deliverance – That’s a fancy way of saying we will professionally design your space! Professional design and space planning means there will be no surprises at the end of the project; file cabinets won’t fit or you are missing parts and pieces critical to completing the job on time and as planned. Ouch! We don’t do things that way. We’re professionals!

Let Votum design a complete office furniture solution for one workstation, one floor or your entire building. Drawing on the experience and expertise of seasoned space planners and designers is the key to design excellence. We will make sure that the design is specifically tailored to meet the needs of your particular aesthetic preferences as well as all your business needs.

Project Management —Whether you are completing an installation, reconfiguration or relocation, and regardless of what type of office furniture you have, Votum will coordinate it from inception through to completion! With our project management capabilities, you get the exact project outcome, works station functionality and efficiency you demand and on budget! You’re busy running a business and managing people, let us create the plan, manage the project and satisfy your entire organizations staff; Executives, Directors, Managers, Administrative, Support Staff, Technicians and others!

Customers prefer us for many reasons. Here are a few:
• We are more flexible, willing and able to accommodate most requirements.
• Our product feature sheets and catalogs showcase sustainable, ecologically friendly and affordable products.
• We experienced with over 30 combined years in the business!
• We’ve been successful everywhere: Workplace, Government, Corporation and Education.
• We are a certified micro-businesses.
• We are a member of the NVMSDC!
• We’ll always deliver on time and on budget!